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Photos and Drawings

Photo Description

Grumman. F4F "Wildcat" Drawings

Grumman. F4F-3 "Wildcat" Drawing

Grumman. F4F-4 "Wildcat" Drawing

Grumman. F6F-5 "Hellcat" Drawing

Grumman. F8F-2 "Bearcat" Drawing

Grumman. TBF-1/TBM-1 "Avenger" Drawing

Grumman. TBM-1C "Avenger" Drawing

Grumman. "Wildcat" F4F # 41-F-8 in flight

Grumman. F6F-5

Grumman. F8F-2P on the stopping place, NAS Pensacola, 1949.

Grumman. F8F "Beetle Bomb" on the NAS "Glenview" at 1948.

Grumman. TBF-1C in first half 1944.