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Halifax IW7802/LQ:Q of No 405 Squadron

(Rus)  The first Royal Canadian Air Force squadron formed in Bomber Command was No 405, flying Wellingtons operationally from June 1941 until April 1942, when it converted to Halifaxes. Here, back from a flight, the weary crew of W7802/LQ:Q enter RAF transport at Topcliffe in September 1942. While the rear gunner extracts himself from his turret his parachute is held by a ground crewman. Placing a parachute on the ground was taboo, even in dry conditions, as destructive pests might enter it. The chest pack was standard for RAF bomber crews and, while easily snapped on to the harness, might not be quickly located in darkness or in an emergency. This Halifax and its regular crew, captained by Sgt J.T. Campbell, failed to return from the Flensburg raid of 1/2 October 1942. (IWM CH6642)