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Ju 88G

Heavy Night Fighter


Ju 88G

Producing in 1942 Ju-88C-6 has shown very high efficiency in a role of a night fighter. It was the first airplane of such type designed during development of heavy fighter Ju-88C. The installation of the additional equipment inevitably conducted to increase of weight of the machine and deterioration of flight performances, and as result - to reducing speed. All this has resulted in occurrence by spring of 1943 and the prototype following, considerably improved model of night fighter Jг-88V58 (Ju-88G V1). This prototype formed by alteration cтандартного bomber Ju-88R with the installation on it of a tail unit from Ju-188.

In total it has been made over 2800 night fighters Ju-88G in versions Ju-88G-1, G-4, G-6 and G 7, each of which had two - three more versions with various armament and radars of different types. These machines went into service since a summer of 1944.

Ju-88G Specification
Ju 88G-1 Ju 88G-6 Ju 88G-7
Crew 4
Length, m 15,50 15,50 14,54
Height, m 5,07
Wing span, m 20.08 20.08 22.00
Wing area m² 54.7 54.7 56.0
Wing loading, kg/m² 221 224 234
Weight, kg:
Maximum takeoff weight 12100 12292 13109
Engine 2x BMW 801D2 2x Jumo 213A 2x Jumo 213E
Power, kW/hp at sea level 1251/1700 1288/1750 1288/1750
normal   1060/1440 1183/1608
at altitude, m   6000 9100
Maximum speed km/h 540 538 647
at altitude, m - 6000 9100
Time to level 6000 m, min   11  
Service ceiling, m 9400 9550 9800
Service range, km 2800 2200 2220
Cannon 6xMG 151/20 1xMG131 6xMG 151/20 1xMG131 6xMG 151/20 1xMG131
Radar FuG 220 FuG 220, 227 FuG 220,228 FuG 240


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