Aviation of WWII
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Ju 88A, D, S and T

High-Speed Medium Bomber


Ju 88A

This airplane extremely necessary for Germany has been designed as a high-speed horizontal and diving bomber.

For the first time having taken aloft in December, 1936, it started to go into service in 1939. The first mass modification of this airplane became Ju-88A, in quantity more than 7000 aircrafts were built. At versions of this modification (till Ju-88A-17 inclusive) it was constantly increased power of the engine, the armament amplified. Long - range reconnaissance aircraft Ju-88D in quantity 1450 and a small amount of reconnaissance aircrafts Ju-88H with radial engines BMW 801 power 1700 hp were built.

Long - range bomber Ju-88S too was produced in enough modest quantities and could be equipped with radial or V-shaped engines. The total in 15000 built aircrafts Ju-88 of all models in the best way speaks about value of this aircraft.

Crew 4
Wing span, m 22
Length, m 14,4
Height, m 4,8
2 X Jumo-211J-1/2, hp 1410
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 8620
Maximum takeoff weight 14120
Maximum speed, km/h 470
Time to 5400m, min 23
Service ceiling, m 8200
Service range, km 2730
6 X 2x7.92-mm machine guns  


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