Aviation of WWII
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Ju-86P, R

High altitude Bomber


Junkers Ju.86P-1 T5+RM from KG200.

Ju 86P-1 Specification
Crew 2
Wing span, m 25.6
Length, m 16.5
Height, m 4.1
2 X PE 207A-1, hp 950
680 at altitude 9753m
Weight, kg:
Empty weight 7,000
Maximum takeoff weight 10,156
Maximum speed at altitude 6,000 m, km/h 360
Cruise speed at altitude 11,000 m 260
Service ceiling, m 12 000
Service range, km 1040
1 X 7.92-mm machine guns MG-17, internal bomb load 4x250 kg
ore 16x 50kg

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