Aviation of WWII
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Photos and Drawings
  Draw Ar.196 A-3
Ar.234B-2; Ar.234B-2; Ar.234V-13; Ar.234V-19 Drawing Ar.234B-2; Ar.234C-3
  Drawing Ar.240 V-3
BV 141 Drawing BV 141
Do 17-E3, Do 17Z Drawing Do 17M , Do 17Z-2
Do 215 Drawing Do 215B-3
  Drawing Do 217E-2; Do 217E-4
Do 217M; Do 217J-2; Do 217N-2 Drawing Do 217K; Do 217M, Do 217N-2
Do 335V3 Drawing Do 335V3
Fi-156C-5, Fi-156C-2; Fi-156C-3 Drawing Fi156C-1; Fi156C-3
FW 58B-2 Drawing FW 58B
FW 189 Drawing FW 189 A-1
FW-190A1, FW-190A4 (Werk Nr 1197) Drawing FW-190A-3/4
FW-190A5; FW-190A6 Draw FW-190A-6/R11
FW-190A-8 Drawing FW-190A-8/R8
FW-190D-9, FW-190D-9 Drawing FW-190D9
FW-190F-8, FW-190F-8 «black 10» Drawing FW-190F-8
FW-190G-3 Drawing FW-190G-8
  Drawing Ta-152H-1
FW-200C-3/U4 of KG40; FW-200C-3 Drawing FW-200C-4
He 51B1 Drawing He 51B1
He-100, He-100, 1939 Drawing He-100D-1
He-111B2 Drawing He-111B2
He-111H-6 Drawing He-111-H6
He-111H, modern photo Drawing He-111-H6
Drawing He-111Z-1
He-162A-2 Drawing He-162A-2
He-177 A-5 (Nr. TS439), He-177 A-5 Drawing He-177 A-1, He-177 A-5/R5
He-219 A-5/R2 Drawing He-219A
Hs 126 Drawing Hs 126 A-1
Hs 129B-1 Drawing Hs 129A-0 Hs 129B-1, Hs 129B-2
Ju-52/3m g3e, Ju-52/3m g2e, modern photo Drawing Ju-52/3m g4e
Ju-86; Ju-86E Drawing Ju-86K
Ju-86P-1 Drawing Ju-86P-1
Ju-87A1 Drawing Ju-87A-2
Ju-87B1 Drawing Ju-87B-1
Ju-87B2, Ju-87 under Sevastopol Drawing Ju-87B-2
Ju-87D-5 Drawing Ju-87D-5
Ju-87G-1 Drawing Ju-87G-2
Ju-87R1 Drawing Ju-87R-2
Ju-88; Ju-88G1; Ju-88C6; Ju-88C; Ju-88D0; Ju-88D;Ju-88D Drawing Ju 88А-4, Ju 88G, Ju 88C
Ju-287 Drawing Ju EF 131
Bf-109B-1, Bf-109B-2 and Bf-109D Drawing Bf 109B-1, Bf 109B-2, and Bf 109C
Bf 109E-1; Bf 109E Drawing Bf 109E-1, Bf 109E-3
Bf-109F-2 No. 9209 , Bf-109F-4/trop , Bf-109F-4/B Drawing Bf 109F-4/R6
Bf-109G-2 Drawing Bf-109G-2
Bf-109G-6; Bf-109G-10 Drawing Bf 109G-6; Bf 109G-10
Bf-109K Drawing Bf-109H-1; Bf-109K-4
Bf-110 D-3 & Bf-110 D-3 Drawing Bf-110C/D
Bf-110E Draw Bf-110 E/F
Bf-110G-4/R3/R7/M5 and Bf-110G4 with radar, modern photo Drawing Bf-110 G/H
Me-410B-2 in USSR Drawing Me-410
  Drawing Me-309V 4
Me-262A-1, Me-262A-1 in USSR, Me-262 V 303, Me-262A 'White 13' Drawing Me-262A-1a, Me-262A-2a
Me-262B Drawing Me-262B-1a
Me-163B in USSR Drawing Me-163